Project Description

This maquette was produced for a proposed design of paschal candle holder for Bristol Cathedral.

The brief was very specific in requiring the piece to be sympathetic to both the gothic architecture of the cathedral and also contemporary art forms such as the alter. It should hold flowers as well as the candle, and have some relevance to the sea faring history of the city and primarily relate to the resurrection of Christ.

The movement of water creates the base, linking the piece both to the location of Bristol with its connection to trade from the sea and spiritually by the figure of Jesus rising from the waters of baptism. This image is also representative of Christ rising from the tomb, drawn upwards by the angel above. When the piece is turned through 90 degrees, the contemporary shape disappears, to reveal a tracery of gothic arches stretching up to the angels, which form a boat shaped vessel of sufficient depth to take flowers, which continues the theme of resurrection in new growth, culminating in light dispelling the darkness.