Rail ends, rudder tops, carved tillers.

A feast of possibilities.

let me know what ideas you would like brought to life.

The carved picture is of the owners Dutch Botter yacht

Turks heads and rope carving for tiller handle

Carved rudder top for a Shetland longshore lugsailer

Decorative plaque of Neptune

The half model maquette is a representation of the figurehead from the tea clipper of 1856 Lalla Rookh

Yorkshire rose carved into the staysail fall chock block, of a Humber Keel barge

Before carving a full size figurehead, a scaled down copy in the form of a  maquette was often made to give the client an idea of how the finished figure would look, and as an aid to the carver. A mould was taken of the original maquette, to create this limited edition of 50 lions cast in resin bronze. A few of which are still available at £400 for a pair or £230 for a single lion.

Stylised whale to form the end of a hand rail.