A good knowledge of construction techniques and an awareness of the pressures imposed by the elements on sculptural work when at sea, are fundamental to creating work that is both decorative and practical.

Carvings created by maritima are nit just for show, they have sailed the world, allowing me to evaluate what effect the passage of time has had on carvings that have spent many years at sea, and any impact they may have in the practicality of sailing such ships.

Such experience is essential in perfecting the form of construction, fixing and decorative durability.
From a simple nameboard to the restoration of historical artifacts, all my work is carved by hand using traditional tools, to create work of the highest quality and to replicate work for period pieces with a true feel of authenticity.

In designing my own work, I feel it is important to create a form that compliments the lines and beauty of a vessel so that it merges seamlessly without over shadowing the underlying form. This is particularly important when adding decorative work to an existing yacht, it is all too easy for such work to appear as if it has been stuck on as an after thought if the underlying concept of the design has not been appreciated.