An awareness of the pressures imposed by the elements on sculptural work that spends a life at sea, are fundamental in creating work that is both decorative and practical. Much of my work such as figureheads and other ornamentation have now spent years at sea, allowing me to evaluate how they have faired, testing the practical aspect of design. Robust construction, firm fixing, designs that do not impede the sailing of a vessel are the result

In considering the asthetic qualities of such work, I feel it is important to create ornamentation that compliments the lines and beauty of a vessel rather than overshadowing it. This is particularly important when adding decorative work to an existing yacht, where It is all too easy for such work to appear as if it has been stuck on as an after thought, rather than merging seamlessly with the designer’s original concept.

From a simple nameboard to the carving of a figurehead, all my work is carved by hand using traditional tools. Machine cut lettering leaves work devoid of life and sculpture lacking the sublety and creative expression manifest through human touch. In producing replica work, it is the only way to create period pieces with a true feel of authenticity.