Launched Pembroke dock 1849. This magnificent figure was originally carved by the Hellyer family, and served in the Crimea, where she fired the last broad side of guns from a British sailing war ship. At the end of her active navy career, she became the training ship of the Shaftesbury homes based at Upnor. When the ship was broken up in 1934, the figurehead was removed as a shore exhibit at the home, where she has remained since that time. Rot to the central core of the figure, now threatens to destroy the outer carving. Maritima has been commissioned to carry out an extensive renovation of the figure to ensure the preservation of this important figure.

The picture shows the figure looking out across the Medway with the windjammer Peking which replaced the original Arethusa, and served as Shaftesbury homes training ship up to the 1970’s when she was sold to New York