Project Description

Built at Pembroke Dockyard in 1824 as an 84 gun ship of the formidable class. The ship was finally broken up just before the First World War. In 1925 the figurehead was presented to the Upper Thames Yacht Club at Marlow on Thames where it remained on show until 1993 by which time, the figure had rotted beyond repair and also suffered from vandalism.
In the same year I was commissioned to carve a replica based on the remaining fragments of the original and archive photographs supplied by the figurehead historian Richard Hunter. The figure once again stands on the yacht club lawn looking across the Thames.

The figure was originally thought to be a representation of Neptune, but the recent discovery of the original drawings by the carver James Dickerson, show it to be a depiction of Zeus.

This figurehead is not for sale, but commissions taken to carve similar.