Project Description

The original figure which is believed to have come from the American clipper ship Nightingale had in the course of time lost one arm and had the other altered. The remains of the original was scanned with a 3D scanner and carved using a computerised CTC machine.

• The first picture shows the completed body. Where detail was missing or damaged the computer left a block of wood for completion by me.
• The second picture shows one arm to be returned to its original position, cut as far as the computer could scan.
• The third picture shows the completed traditionally carved arms, with all the detailing re-cut by hand to restore the original detail. The arms would have originally been removable to avoid damage when the ship was at sea.

The completed replica stands as a piece of sculptural decoration within “Serenade of the Seas” a cruise liner of the Royal Caribbean Line.

The project was interesting in working with CTC cut figures, which may have saved time in the cutting process, but failed to give a hand carved appearance. Every inch of the figure needed to be finished by hand with traditional carving tools to give an authentic feel to the figure