About the Artist

About the Artist

My name is Andy Peters, the founder of Maritima Woodcarving, which I set up in 1990 in an effort to keep the art of the ships carver alive.

At one time every major ship yard would have had a ships carver to carve not only figureheads, but the wealth of decorative work that would have also adorned the stern and quarter galleries. My aim has been to learn all aspects of this almost forgotten art.

Historical research into the designs appropriate to a given period in history, for specific countries and type of vessel, has over the years, enabled me to design authentic decoration for many replica ships and smaller craft. Restoration of original figures for maritime museums and private collectors has given me an invaluable insight into the construction, quality of carving and preservation of such work. A life long passion of sailing tall ships has enabled me to see how they look, last, and are practically viable for a life at sea. 

But such work should not be confined to recreating a bye gone age. To this end I create individual commissions for unique yacht interiors, working in close co-operation with the client, interior designer or boat yard to produce art forms that reflect images of the sea, in sculptures that delight the eye and lift the spirit, bringing the warmth of wood, to complement the boat design in clasical and contemporary forms"
Ships' Carver, Andy Peters

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